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In-Room Massage & Spa Services

MacCallum House provides the perfect setting for a relaxing in-room massage or spa treatment.

Each guaranteed to put you in a state of complete relaxation. Our massage staff is headed by Tennee and Surya Anderson. All the massage therapists have studied extensively. Together they provide numerous techniques such as Swedish, neuromuscular, deep tissue, acupressure, prenatal, cranial sacral therapy, myofascial release, aromatherapy, reiki, and spa therapies. It is best to schedule with the innkeeper when booking your room to secure their time. Please let the Innkeeper know if you have a preference for a male or female therapist when you book your massage.
Please note our cancellation policy

Why Massage?

In modern society our body’s natural rhythms often become thwarted by the rapid momentum of life, causing stress, pain, and illness. Modern research shows that massage should become part of our health routine, to rejuvenate our minds and bodies. We need more than ever to slow down and take better care of our health and well being. For this, massage is a deeply healing tool. Massage has been shown to offer many benefits such as, reducing stress, boosting immune function, lowering anxiety, inducing sleep, and acceleration of the healing process.

Yet the most apparent result of touch, of course, is that we feel happier. Our skin holds as many as 5 million touch receptors. Each touch receptor sends messages along the spinal cord to the brain. Messages vary from changes of heart rate and in the release of natural opiates, to improving food absorption and muscle coordination.  It is no wonder that interest in massage is rapidly growing.

Our dedication is to provide a safe, nurturing environment for the facilitation of healing. We believe that in order for each individual to reach a relaxed and stress free state, we must hold that space inside as well.  Each highly trained therapist approaches massage with compassion and kindness to ensure a peaceful and relaxing treatment.

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Therapeutic Massage

Feel your stress melt away as you experience the full effects of therapeutic touch.  Using a combination of Swedish, acupressure, passive stretching, craniosacral and myofascial release work, we work to bring about a state of deep relaxation while relieving muscle tension.*Clothed sessions available as well ~ 1 hour $100/1.5 hours $130

Deep Tissue Neuromuscular Therapy

Specialized deep tissue techniques combined with interactive movement is used to address connective tissue issues.  This is a highly effective treatment for the elimination of pain caused by soft tissue injury ~ 1 hour $120/1.5 hours $145

Aromatherapy Massage

A complete body treatment using essential oils made from plant and herb extracts. Choose from our custom blended high grade therapeutic essential oils blended to calm, detoxify or revitalize your system ~ $20 added to any massage selection.

Light Touch Therapies

Craniosacral Therapy

This light touch therapy is a clothed session that involves applying minute amounts of pressure to monitor a craniosacral rhythm at key body points to pinpoint areas of obstruction or stress. Like the pulse of a cardiovascular system, the craniosacral system has a rhythm that can be felt throughout the body. The therapist gently works to restore a natural flow to the craniosacral rhythm by releasing facial restrictions. This gentle therapy works at a deep level and is especially helpful for those suffering from tmj, chronic neck and back pain, headaches and stress

~ 1 hour $100

Spa Therapies

Hot Stone Massage

Experience a luxurious relaxing massage with the use of smooth hot stones as an extension of the hands.  This popular treatment uses basalt river stones to melt the tension of your muscles, leaving you grounded in mother earth ~ 1.5 hours $155


Wild Lime Blossom Scalp & Body Massage

A stimulating aromatic scalp and full body treatment is the perfect antidote for stress and fatigue. Gently warmed and vigorously applied, this blend of wild lime blossom, ginger and sandalwood oils are applied to scalp, neck and shoulders to stimulate circulation and nourish hair. Followed by a body massage with citrus extracts. A full body restorative ~ 1 hour $130

Raindrop Therapy

Bring your energy into alignment with Raindrop Therapy.  It is designed to incorporate gentle massage with the use of high-grade essential oils dispersed along the spine, these highly antimicrobial oils work with the nervous system to facilitate a deep state of relaxation ~ 1.25 hours $130

“Scentsational” Stones

Combining the therapeutic heat of the hot stone treatment with energetic effects of the raindrop essential oils is guaranteed to melt away stress and soothe the body, mind, and spirit ~  1.75 hours $175

Shea Butter Body Scrub

A combination of mineral rich Dead Sea salt and essential oils are applied to the full body to exfoliate and stimulate circulation and lymph flow. This exfoliation is followed by a rich Shea butter massage leaving the skin exceptionally smooth and silky. (Do not shave prior to treatment)

~ $1.25 hours $135

Golden Elixir

This treatment is designed to combat stress and fatigue. A Dead Sea salt scrub begins this treatment to detoxify, stimulate lymph flow and exfoliate the skin. Wraps of warm fragrant towels prepare the body so the skin is silky and smooth. A warming hot stone massage completes this treatment leaving your body renewed and glowing. ~ 1.5 hours $160

Facial Massage
Custom blended botanicals and essential oils combine in this facial treatment. Warm compresses, cleanser, mask, toner and moisturizer purify and revitalize your skin. Finish with an acupressure massage for neck and shoulders. ~ 1.25 hours $130

Spa Essentials

Add any of the following treatments to enhance your experience.

  • Shea Butter ~ Rich butter from the kukui nut tree. Famous for its moisture
    rich content. ~ $5
  • Arnica Oil ~ Organic, used for muscle aches and injuries, reduces swelling, great for
    joint pain ~ $5
  • Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blends ~ Add on to therapeutic, deep tissue or
    hot stone ~ $10
  • Wild Lime Blossom Scalp Treatment ~ $15

Massage and Spa Services Cancellation Policy
Please cancel more than 24 hours in advance of booked massage. Any cancellation less than that will be required to pay 50% of therapist's fee. Thank you for your consideration.

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