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For Immediate Release                                        Media Contact: Ben Corey-Moran

September 2, 2004                                              (707) 964-0118 x 30                                                                                             

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Cultivating Community…Celebrating community supported sustainable agriculture on the Mendocino coast…

The MacCallum House Inn and Restaurant, Mendocino, California—What is it in Philo’s deep soil, early morning mists and Tim Bates’ biodynamic farming practices that makes his apples so distinctly flavorful? How do the shade trees, cows, heirloom coffee varietals and small-scale farmer cooperatives interact in Nicaragua’s northern mountains to create the beans that Thanksgiving Coffee Company roasts to reveal a bright sweet coffee with hints of apricots and cashews? How does Greg Graziano, a Redwood Valley grape farmer, create his renowned Saint Gregory, Monte Volpe and Enotria wines, inspired by his Italian ancestry and three generations of winemaking traditions?

The qualities within these unique foods reflect the terroir, or character of a place, a farmer, and a style of agriculture. Each flavor is produced by a set of social and environmental relationships, and is reinforced by a commitment to a transition to more just and sustainable food systems.

What is sustainable agriculture, and how do communities support it?

In celebration of small-scale family farmers, the MacCallum House Inn and Restaurant and Thanksgiving Coffee are hosting Cultivating Community from 5:00-7:30 on Friday evening, October 8, on the MacCallum House lawn at 45020 Albion St. in Mendocino.

This event is free and open to the public.

Beginning at 5:00, Cultivating Community features Nicaraguan coffee farmer Byron Corrales Martinez, and a presentation of the biodynamic farming techniques that produce one of the world’s most highly acclaimed coffees. Thanksgiving Coffee Roastmaster Paul Katzeff will then lead a tasting of Mr. Corrales’ award winning Maracaturra varietal and the custom blend designed by MacCallum House, which features this exception Nicaraguan coffee.

At 6:00 Cultivating Community showcases some of the farmers who supply the MacCallum House Inn and Restaurant, with farmer led food tasting and conversation featuring Byron Corrales Martinez, a Nicaraguan coffee farmer serving his award winning Maracaturra varietal; Sue Ellery, an Anderson Valley olive oil producer featuring her award winning Stella Cadente olive oils; Tim Bates, a Philo apple farmer featuring his rare antique and heirloom apple varietals; and Greg Graziano, a Redwood Valley grape farmer and wine maker featuring his award winning biodynamically grown Saint Gregory Pinot Noir and Monte Volpe Sangiovese. This prelude reveals the farmers behind the flavors of the world-renown MacCallum House Restaurant. Chef Alan Kantor will complement this bounty with appetizers featuring seasonal produce from the farm of Jim Miller near Chico, and from Cass Sochacki and the Old Mill Farm of Mendocino. All will be accompanied by local musicians Bob Ayres and Ed Welter of Tight Squeeze playing festive accordion music.

At 6:30 Cultivating Community continues with a panel moderated by Chris Bacon—a Mendocino High School graduate, and leading scholar of agroecology—featuring Byron Corrales Martinez, Sue Ellery, Greg Graziano, Tim Bates, Jim Miller, a Chico based fruit and vegetable farmer, Cass Sochacki of the Old Mill Farm in Mendocino, and Chef Alan Kantor of the MacCallum House. This discussion will explore the social, economic, and ecological relationships that sustain communities from northern California to northern Nicaragua, and will highlight the ways in which community support makes sustainable agriculture viable.

The panel discussion will feature an introduction by Chris Bacon, individual presentations by the featured farmers, a facilitated discussion, and time for questions and answers from the community.

Cultivating Community is a celebration of our Mendocino coast community, our connections to each other through food, and our connections to other local communities, both nearby and around the world. Inspired by the work of the MacCallum House Inn and Restaurant and Thanksgiving Coffee, Cultivating Community is an affirmation that small is beautiful, and that we are empowered to create a more just, vibrant, and sustainable world.

For more information about the participating farmers and the event please visit the MacCallum House website ( or contact Ben Corey-Moran at Thanksgiving Coffee 707.964.0118 or Jed Ayers, Owner and General Manager of the MacCallum House 707.937.6737.

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