Owners: Jed & Megan



Owners Jed and Megan both grew up in Mendocino and attended Mendocino schools. They were high school sweethearts.  Jed grew up on a small apple farm (Fiddle Farm) at the end of Albion Ridge and Megan grew up in Comptche. As a young boy, Jed sold apples to Chef Alan Kantor out the back door of the MacCallum House restaurant and later his first job was a dishwasher at the property. During high school and college Megan worked at Stanford Inn, Little River Inn and Albion River Inn. After his initial job at the MacCallum House Jed went on to work at the Heritage House and also worked at the Albion River Inn. 

Both Jed and Megan earned bachelors at Sonoma State University and Master Degrees at San Francisco State University. Megan is a teacher and Jed is the Chief Marketing Officer for a leading technology company. They reside with their three children, Amanda, Adam and Josiah in Kentfield, California.