The Annual Wild Mushroom Feast: When Is It Best to Visit?

Mendocino is home to incredible state parks and views, but during the first two weekends in November, it’s also the home of the Annual Wild Mushroom Feast. For fans of fresh mushrooms, epicurean cooking, and gourmet food, the Annual Wild Mushroom Feast is an event you don’t want to miss.

The Annual Wild Mushroom Feast begins November 1 and ends November 10, but you don’t want to miss the Annual Wild Mushroom and Winemaker Dinner at MacCallum House on November 8.

What can I expect at the Annual Wild Mushroom and Winemaker Dinner?

The 19th annual MacCallum House Restaurant Wild Mushroom and Winemaker Dinner is one of the Mushroom Feast Mendocino’s inaugural events. It takes place on Friday, November 8, and is an annual tradition.

Chef Alan Kantor brings out the best of the local Mendocino mushrooms in a five-course seasonal menu complete with expertly paired Graziano wine. To get an idea of the five-course seasonal menu that will be offered, here is the menu from the 2018 Annual Wild Mushroom and Winemaker Dinner.

That said, if you’re looking for luxurious hotels to stay in during your time exploring the Annual Wild Mushroom Feast in Mendocino, MacCallum House is a great choice, especially during this time of year.

What’s there to explore during the Annual Wild Mushroom Feast?

The Annual Wild Mushroom Feast may be a feast, but it’s also a great time to explore the nature of Mendocino. While you’re visiting, you can take a tour with a mushroom expert and find some delectable Mendocino mushrooms for yourself and your family.

You can reserve a seat at one of the Mendocino winemaker and mushroom pairing dinners to learn just how to match your gourmet mushrooms with your favorite beverage. You can visit the annual Homebrew Festival, taste mushroom dishes at the Mushroom Cook-off in Willits, or take a foraging expedition. There’s something to do for the entire family.

Ready to book your Mendocino accommodations?

Approximately 71% of travelers with kids said that access to cooking their own meals was one of the main reasons why chose a vacation rental. But when you’re visiting during the Annual Wild Mushroom Feast, you’ll want a professional cooking your meals.

If you’re looking for Mendocino hotels and inns for the Annual Wild Mushroom Feast, MacCallum House is the hotel for you. For more information about the Annual Wild Mushroom and Winemaker Dinner on November 8, or to learn more about our luxurious accommodations, contact MacCallum House today.

The Top Vacation Tips Dog-Owners and Their Pets Will Enjoy


96% of workers state that regular vacations are important to them. After all, taking a much needed vacation gives individuals working that nine to five grind some much needed time to unwind and enjoy their families away from all those stressful distractions.

However, sometimes your four-legged friend needs to tag along too. Pet owners can also benefit from bringing their dog on their vacation with their families. It’s cheaper than a kennel, and you don’t have to worry about your pup feeling left out.

If you’re planning on bringing your dog with you on your next vacation, continue reading to learn how to select the best canine and human friendly destination, as well as how to enhance their experience.

Selecting your mode of travel and destination

International destinations may not be a great idea

Try not to pick something too far that you’ll have to book a flight. Flights have been shown to promote your canine friend’s stress and anxiety. Not only is your animal in a new place bustling with new people, sights, and smells, the turbulence during the flight alone can put them in a state of distress. They also may not be able to ride with you if they are not an emotional support animal. However, this depends on the flight’s rules and regulations regarding pets.

But, you want this to be a relaxing vacation for the both of you, so save the international trip for some other time.

Road trips are optimal but plan ahead

Road trips, on the other hand, can be an enjoyable experience. However, if you are traveling more than four hours, plan ahead and find the best rest stops so your dog can stretch his legs and use the bathroom. This will also help prevent motion sickness, which can happen if your dog is in the backseat for too long. Some rest stops are even equipped with dog parks, so search the internet ahead of time to enhance your pet’s traveling experience.

Cottages: the ultimate pet-owner getaway

While some luxury hotels claim they are pet friendly, they are still quite small and may have plenty of restrictions on the dogs they allow.

If you crave something with ample space for your family and your pet, consider accommodation with a yard. This way, when it’s time to explore the city you’re in, you can play a quick game of fetch to wear your pet out. He’ll fall asleep and not even notice your absence.

Take your dog out to explore too

However, don’t plan on leaving them there the entire time. Search for a restaurant with a patio and take them out to lunch. Or find a nearby trail and take them for a walk. Dogs love to explore too!

Conclusion: Pet friendly cottages offer the best accommodations for you and your pet

Working a full-time job has its stressful moments. And everyone deserves a well earned vacation. Even your dog. If you do plan on having him tag along, make sure you abide by some of these guidelines. Though your first instinct may be to book a pet-friendly hotel, they don’t allow the freedom most pet friendly cottages do. You want your dog to feel relaxed, and not caged in, cottages, shorter road trips, and avoiding flights are all viable solutions.

4 Great Reasons to Stay at the MacCallum House

On average, the total length of a honeymoon lasts seven to nine days. With time like that, staying in the wrong place can be a disaster. For those looking for lodging near Mendocino CA, there seems to be one that stands out from the rest. Look no further than the MacCallum House located in the heart of Mendocino, California.

The MacCallum House has been the perfect spot for the destination wedding, luxurious accommodations, and hotels with an ocean view for decades. Built in the Nineteenth Century, the Victorian style home boasts a total of 19 rooms, cottage rentals and the renowned MacCallum House restaurant serving finely curated organic and local cuisine. With stunning cottages and the available chef and catering, the MacCallum House is also known as a wedding venue for its lodging options, coastal access, and oceanside view. But how can you tell if a spot is right for you? Here are the top 4 reasons that put the MacCallum House above the rest.

  1. It’s In The Heart of Mendocino: Located only a few minutes from art galleries, museums, and shopping, the MacCallum House carries luxurious accommodations as well as stress-free ways to have all the joys of Mendocino at your fingertips. Experience a day out at the local museum and take in some local history, then head over to the nearby arts center to experience some of Mendocino’s best culture–all while knowing you’re just minutes away from your room.
  2. It’s Got The Best Food Around: With food prepared by an in house chef and an expansive menu for both breakfast and dinner, it’s hard to top the selection that’s been finely curated–all while being made from locally grown, organic sources.
  3. An Unforgettable Wine Tour: If you’re looking for a tour that ranges from the beautiful Mendocino coastline, into the forest of larger-than-life redwoods, and ends in the sweeping Anderson Valley, look no further. On this tour, you’ll have the opportunity to visit the outstanding wineries of Anderson Valley and see the vineyards up close and personal. And don’t worry about driving, that’s already covered too, as a comfortable ride is provided from hotel and back.
  4. It’s Perfect for the Whole Family: Looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city or experience a serene and relaxing coastal vacation with the whole family filled with luxurious accommodations? The perfect family beach day is only 7 minutes away at Big River Beach! Are you the outdoorsy type or maybe a beginner looking to get their hands a little dirty in a nature excursion? The Big River Trail is only half a mile away–perfect for walking and the occasional bike ride with the kids. Whatever the case may be, when staying at the MacCallum House, art, culture, and a sense of overwhelming relaxation aren’t hard to come by.