Rekindle that Special Spark With a Cozy Cottage Getaway

Vacations offer the perfect opportunity for couples to grow closer. In fact, 42% of travelers say they feel more romantic while on vacation. While luxury hotels can offer extravagant accommodations, cottage rentals are gradually rising in popularity among couples looking for a cozy romantic getaway.

Cottages can offer a couple of unique benefits that standard hotels simply can’t, and if you’re looking for a luxuriously intimate vacation destination, cottages are something you should seriously consider. Interested in learning more? Here are four reasons to choose cottages over traditional hotel destinations.

1. Cottages Provide More Space

Even the most luxurious hotel rooms can be lacking in space. Coupled with a stark environment that can feel artificial and cold, it isn’t exactly conducive to a cozy and romantic stay. Cottages, on the other hand, can offer a homely feel that immediately makes you feel welcome and comfortable. This is because cottages serve as a smaller home away from home, with separate sleeping, dining, and relaxing areas. They have an inviting feeling that can allow couples to unwind easier and make the most out of their romantic adventure.

2. Cottages are Incredibly Scenic

Cottages, such as the Mendocino Cottages in Mendocino, California, offer scenic options located near the coast. Many of these cottages also boast private yards and can be a pet-friendly option if you want to bring your best four-legged friend along on the trip. This also gives you the option of enjoying a quiet night out under the stars, without the worry of rowdy neighbors ruining the experience. It is the perfect option for couples who want to enjoy the scenery in their own private slices of paradise.

3. A Personalized Experience

Because these cottages serve as a home away from home, you are free to do a lot more than you would be able to in a confining hotel room. You can cook a romantic dinner in the kitchen, set up a cozy campfire outside, or just spend the weekend lazing around enjoying each other’s company. These cottages can also serve as a home base while you explore the surrounding area. After a long day of sightseeing, there’s nothing better than being able to unwind beside the fireplace with the one you love the most.

4. Choosing Your Property

Often times you can choose the cottage you want to stay in. Some may have certain amenities or come in specific styles to ensure a variety for guests to choose from. This variety means that you can find the perfect cottage for your romantic getaway, and, should you choose to return in the future, you can have an entirely new experience in a different cottage! Options like this make it easy for couples to plan future romantic vacations, as once you experience one cottage, you’ll want to stay in them all!

Whether you’re newlywed or have been together for decades if you’re looking at booking a romantic getaway, consider renting a cottage instead of a traditional hotel room. While hotels can be cramped and allow for little privacy, cottages give you room to move and enjoy without interruption. They are cozy, private, and offer a homelike intimate option for couples who want to rekindle that special spark.

4 Things to Keep In Mind When Planning Your Wedding Reception


Choosing a wedding reception venue is as important as picking the wedding venue. In some instances, the wedding venue and reception are in the same place. However, you may decide to have two separate locations for your wedding. It sounds impossible to find a wedding reception venue that’s affordable, can accommodate your guests, and that isn’t already booked. However, if you keep the right considerations in mind — and give yourself enough time for your search — you should be able to find a reception venue you truly love. Here are some elements you’ll want to think about before you book.

1. Location

First, you’ll want to determine whether you’ll stay in town for your wedding or whether you want a destination wedding. Of course, your ceremony and reception will likely be in the same place. Statistics show that every year, about 1.4 million U.S. newlyweds usually travel for their honeymoon. But traveling isn’t just for couples who have already tied the knot.

When you want to have a destination wedding, you need to consider the location that you are choosing. It should have places that will give you a perfect wedding reception. Do not pick a location that will keep your guest off your reception. If the wedding venue and reception are at two different sites, make sure that they are close.

Driving through bad roads from the wedding venue to the reception is hectic, especially if most of your guests are not from that particular city. Therefore, ensure your wedding reception is in a convenient location. The wedding reception should be in a location that anyone can access without getting lost.

If you have a destination wedding, it is fair to have the wedding reception near an airports so that it can easily be accessed by road. Also, there should be accommodations and cottages near the reception, in case the guests decide to sleep and travel the following day. You may also want to choose pet-friendly cottages for all your guests who will travel with their pets.

2. Number of Guests

The number of guests is a significant determinant to choosing a wedding reception. Make sure the venue already has tables, seats, dance floor, a stage for band performance, and DJ setup. This is the only time when you can tell if the wedding reception will fit all your guests.

Choosing a small reception will make your guests squeeze each other. On the other hand, renting a venue that is too big will give an illusion that some guests did not turn up. Therefore, before going through the luxury hotels for a venue, make up a list of guests and estimate the number. Ask for assistance on estimating occupancy if necessary.

3. Set a Date

Assuming you’ve already booked the wedding ceremony location, you’ll likely have a date already set. This may be beneficial because most of the finest luxury hotels that you are eyeing are usually booked. Therefore, it is wise to have a date. If you have not yet announced your wedding date, you can change it that you may find the wedding reception of your dreams. There are many Mendocino wedding venues that will likely be able to accommodate you.

4. Decide on Design and Style

If you have different locations for your wedding ceremony and reception, then you should make sure that both locations scream your sense of style. The decoration should be made of your favorite colors and flowers. If you love vintage or modern design, it will be seen through the reception venue. Both of you should stay true to your styles, despite the fantastic designs that you have seen online.

Choosing a wedding reception is an important step in giving you a memorable event of your life. Finding the perfect wedding venue and reception is possible. This guide gives you tips that will help you land on an ideal wedding reception spot.

6 Reasons Why You Should Hold a Destination Wedding

destination wedding

A destination wedding is a wedding that is held in a location other than your hometown. Sometimes, the wedding reception and the honeymoon are even celebrated at the same venue! Destination weddings are slowly and steadily gaining major traction in the wedding planning world, especially because they allow you to celebrate your wedding in luxurious locations.

Destination weddings give you the opportunity to hold a romantic ceremony, enjoy beautiful views, and make lasting memories with your friends, family, and loved ones. If you have just decided to get married, these reasons may persuade you to choose a destination wedding.

1. They Are Simple to Plan

A destination wedding is usually a much simpler affair, especially in terms of wedding planning. This may seem ironic, seeing as planning a long distance event could be quite a challenge, but a destination wedding is easier to plan than a close-to-home wedding. This is because most wedding venues have an in-house wedding coordinator and planner who handles most of the planning work.

Of course, the bride and groom have the final say on all matters, but it makes more sense to lay back and let the professionals plan a beautiful wedding for you.

2. They are Cozy

Picture this. You are reclining and enjoying a beautiful vista with a glass of wine in your hands. You have just gotten your nails done. Your friends and family are hanging out all weekend, laughing, smiling, and getting to know eachother better. Everyone is happy. You have had them checked into one of the finest luxury hotels, and everyone is comfortable with the accommodations.

This could be your wedding. Having an inclusive destination wedding makes for a better experience since you can relax and enjoy yourself at your chosen location.

3. It Helps You Avoid Uncomfortable Stressful Situations

Having a destination wedding will imply having a smaller guest list. Because of this, you will have to invite only the people you really love for your wedding. Close-to-home weddings are often disrupted or even ruined when past family issues come to surface. This is why you should only invite people you want to have at your destination wedding — travel means you can be picky!

4. It Gives You a Magical Honeymoon

Often, the bride and groom have their honeymoon right where the wedding has taken place. Studies show that most newlyweds have honeymoons that last seven to nine days. This means that you will have the whole nine days’ worth of a beautiful honeymoon without the added traveling, and this will make it feel like a real vacation relaxation. Finding a gorgeous place you love and staying put also makes for beautiful wedding and honeymoon pictures, all in one, and who doesn’t love those?

5. It is the Perfect Reunion Opportunity

Traditional weddings can be quite hectic; you are on the run, meeting and greeting long-time friends, but unable to stay and chat because of all other finishing touches you need to make. However, a destination wedding usually falls on vacation time. Ideally, you’ll have arrived a few days prior to the wedding itself, thus, allowing lots of time to land, relax, and catch up with family and friends as they arrive. By the time your wedding day actually arrives, you’ll be fully present and ready for the big moments!

6. It Makes for an Easier Decision-Making Process

Traditional weddings can be difficult to plan. You may be forced to choose between each of your hometowns, church affiliations, club grounds, the list goes on. With a destination wedding, you mutually select a venue that is ideal for both of you, and at the same time, these venues come with complete wedding packages that simplify the whole process.

This helps you make faster decisions, let the professionals handle your wedding. Remember, it is always you who calls the shots on the details that matter.

Bottom Line

A destination wedding could be the moment you and your partner were waiting for to celebrate and share your love in a romantic and unique setting. The day you tie the knot is probably the most important in your relationship thus far. A special destination sets the scene for an elegant and intimate affair, set apart in your and your guests’ memories as special and sweet.

It will also give you an excuse to come back for five-, ten-, thirty-year anniversaries. If this doesn’t convince you to pick up the phone and call your dream destination hotel, what will?