Private Rentals

Mendo Wine Tours also offers a hourly limousine service. You can rent our vehicles and drivers for Proms, Wedding Shuttles, Quineceanera's, Coastal Tours, Dinner engagements, Group charters etc.. We do require a minimum of 3 hours.


SUV Limousine - maximum 15 passengers

$150 per hour

Note: If our driver is waiting with the car empty after the 3 hour minimum wait time is billed at $75 per hour.

Chevy Suburban - maximum 5 passengers

$100 per hour 

Luxury 7 Person Van- maximum 7 passengers

$125 per hour

We do require a 3 hour deposit at the time of booking. All additional time is billed at the conclusion of the drive. An automatic 20% gratuity for the driver is applied. All private rentals must be approved by Management


Private Rentals in the limo are not always available. Please send us your request and after confirming a driver we will send you a confirmation email.