Ceremony Locations

The MacCallum House is happy to provide tours of the favorite ceremony locations, each just a short distance from our properties. We have listed these locations here:

California Dept. Parks and Rec., Mendocino Headlands, 707.937.5804.
Kelley House Museum, Lawn Across from MacCallum House, 707.937.5791.
Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, 707.964.4352.
Mendocino Land Trust, Mendocino Overlook, 707.962.0470.
Presbyterian Church, Mendocino, 707.937.5441.
Southern Baptist Church, Mendocino, 707.937.5088.
St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, Mendocino, 707.937.5808.
Blessed Sacrament Church, Elk, 707.877.3275.


The MacCallum House works with L&R Farms, who provide beautiful flowers to the Inn and Restaurant on a weekly basis. As a service we extend this relationship to our wedding parties; contact Rosa Wyglendowski 707.937.3322. Local flowers can be provided by:

L&R Farms, Rosa Wyglendowski 707.937.3322.
Garden by the Sea, Gualala, 707.884.4223.
Mendocino Floral Design, Mendocino, 707.937.9990.
Flowers Etc., 707.964.3731.
Le Tuberose, 707.937.2048.


There are a variety of local ministers, priests, rabbis, and pastors who specialize in helping you obtain a marriage certificate and crafting your own unique ceremony and vows. Some options are:


James Sibbet, Non-denominational minister, 707.937.0760.

Rick Childs, Non-denominational/Unitarian minister, 707.964.1722.

Vanna K. Freeberg, Non-denominational Minister, 707.962.9125.



There are a wide variety of local musicians and DJs that can be arranged for your rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony and reception. The MacCallum House can arrange for you to meet and hear samples, allowing you to find one that suits your unique tastes. Some options are:

Jack Braet & Friends, All Styles of Music, 707.961.0939.
Sergei Bassehes, Classic Guitar, 707.964.8427.
Five Point O, Music for all occasions, Eldon Bell, Band Leader 707.426.9682.
Sharon Garner & Friends, jazz, blues, swing, and dance, 707.877.3988.
James Gordon, Singer/Guitarist, 707.961-1670.                                            DJ Johanna  
Joel Andrews, Harp, 707.964.6740.John Gilmore, Jazz Piano, 707.964.4038.
Nancy Joy, Farmhouse Pop, website.
Mambo This, Afro Cuban Dance, Paul Schulman, 707.937.1822.
Mendocino String Quartet, Joselyn Bartlett, 707.961.0230.
Mickie and Elizabeth, Celtic Music and Song, 707.964.4826.
DJ Tony de la Torre, Dance Music, website, 707.513.5574.

DJ Aline, Latine Electronic Cumbia and Favorite Hits, website, 707.734.0952

Roberta Belson, Harp, 707.937.3978.
Sonatina, Classical, Mindy 707.937.1232 or Marion, 707.937.5083.
Terry Simcek, Guitar, 707.937.2440.
Frances Vanek, Jazz Sax, 707.964.6594.
Danny Barca, Guitarist, 707.357.1976.




Photography and Video Services 

The MacCallum House can guide you through the many local photographers and videographers and share with you portfolios of their weddings. Here is a partial listing of the talented professionals available, be sure to check out their websites:
Jade Turgel Photography.
Mendocino Photo, Photography & Videography, 707.397.5557.
John Birchard, Photography, 707.937.4809.
J. Perlman Photography, 650.867.2013.
Glass Slipper Photography, 707.937.3583.
Daniel MacDonald, Photography, 916.342.4413.

Robert Stewart, Photography, 707.996.3771.
Cassandra Young, Fine-Art Wedding Photographer, 707.202.4622.
Levi Kaminkowitz, Videography.

Pablo Abuliak, Photography.

Lucille Lawrence, Photography, 707.684.0895.




Salons and Spas 

MacCallum House offers a full range of in room spa services for our guests at the MacCallum House including massage,aromatherapy, hot stone treatments, and shea butter body scrub. In addition, Mendocino has a number of full service day spas within walking distance for hair, make-up, facials and nails. You and you’re entire bridal party can relax and look their very best for your special day.

Danielle of Bloom Skincare and Make Up, 707.937.2171.
Amy Statham of Southern Exposure, 707.937.4436.
M Salon of Mendocino, 707.397.1411

We are blessed to have extremely talented cake and candy makers here on the Mendocino Coast. The cake makers below have consistently provided MacCallum House weddings with beautiful looking and great tasting wedding cakes. The two candy providers offer you a great opportunity to give your guests a hand made Mendocino treat. 

Sharon Garner, Cakes, 707.877.3988.
Mendocino Chocolate Company, Candy, 707.937.1107.
Lori Piacini, 707.964.1357.
Papa Bears Chocolate Haus, Candy, 707.937.4406.
Shani’s Sweet Creations, 707.937.2571.
Franny’s Cup & Saucer, 707.882.2500.