Mendocino Gardens

Daisy MacCallum was an early member of the American Rose Society and many of the roses she planted at the turn of the century still bloom in the gardens today. The Kelley House museum, across the street from the MacCallum House, contains original catalogs from which Daisy ordered new varieties. She acquired most in their year of introduction and several well-loved heirloom varieties are still thriving. A generous spirit, she shared starts from her plants and they can be found all over Mendocino, including "Mutabilis" and Harrison's Yellow (the yellow rose of Texas). Like any good gardener, she had to defend her plants from invaders and during the depression, paid five cents per gopher to industrious young folks.

Today the MacCallum House gardens include a Chef's Garden with herbs and flowers used to grace the plates at the restaurant. Plants in this garden, located between the barn and main building, are identified and include a good selection of unusual sages, thymes, oregano, mint, as well as borage, honeywort and other species which do well on the north coast.

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