Owners: Noah & Zoe

Noah and Zoe Sheppard


On July 3rd, 2002, the MacCallum House property changed hands for the first time in a generation. Native Mendocino residents Noah Sheppard along with Jed & Megan Ayres took over the historic house. All three grew up in Mendocino and attended Mendocino High School together. During high school one of Noah’s first jobs was working under current chef, Alan Kantor as a line cook while Jed worked as a dishwasher.

Noah Sheppard arrived on the Mendocino Coast when he was two years old. He is an accomplished contractor who has spent his career on the Mendocino Coast building, remodeling and restoring homes and developing properties. He has a passion for craftsmanship and brings his many talents to maintaining and updating the MacCallum House property, in addition to overseeing the day-to-day operations of the inn. Noah lives with his wife, Zoe Bachelor Sheppard and their daughter, Zida in Albion, 20 minutes south of Mendocino.

Noah met Zoe, a third generation coastal resident, when they were in their early 20s, and they developed a lasting friendship that turned to a relationship in 2006. They had Zida in 2011 – their greatest accomplishment to date.

Zoe manages all aesthetic details related to the Mac House including  room refreshes & remodels, garden updates and all the graphic design.

The husband and wife team work on MacCallum House room remodels, with Noah’s building expertise transforming the bones of the spaces while keeping the historic elements of the inn, and their shared aesthetic shaping the softer elements of the rooms.

Zoe has B.A. from Arizona State University and sits on the Board of Montessori del Mar Community School in addition to her work at the MacCallum House and as a freelance designer. Zida attends Montessori del Mar Community School in Fort Bragg.


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