Heading South from Mendocino Village

The rugged and stunning West-Coast cliffs and sunsets can be enjoyed, particularly in good weather, along Highway 1 to the south. The slow and winding road is worth your time if you’re not a hurry. There are many charming, small towns between Mendocino and San Francisco. For a day trip from Mendocino, we recommend that you not go much further than Elk or Point Arena.


(about 30 minutes south)
Elk is a sweet town along the highway. Stop at Queenie’s Roadhouse Café (open for breakfast and lunch) or the Elk Store for picnic supplies. Take the trail down to the secluded Elk beach.


(in Point Arena, about an hour’s drive south)
B. Bryan Preserve has been actively committed to the breeding and preservation of African Hoof Stock for over a decade. The animals range from critically endangered to endangered and include various species of zebra and antelope and several giraffes. Not a zoo, but a private preserve housing majestic African animals in large open fields. Late afternoon feeding tours are available by reservation only. Take a unique opportunity to hand-feed a giraffe! 707-882-2297 for more information. 


(about an hour’s drive south)
Visit the tallest lighthouse tower in the west. Perched dramatically on a narrow peninsula, the Point Arena Lighthouse Tower is 115 ft. high. Erected in 1870, destroyed by the 1906 earthquake and rebuilt the following year, it was the first lighthouse to be made of steel and concrete.  


(about 2 hours south)
A former Russian establishment, this fort was once the hub of the southernmost Russian settlements in North America. It has been the subject of archaeological investigation and is a designated National Historic Landmark. To get there: take Highway 1 south roughly two hours. Fort Ross is near the town of Jenner.

To book any activities please call your innkeeper by pressing “0” on your room phone or calling 707-937-0289. 
We hope you enjoy all Mendocino has to offer!  

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